Stop the presses – the end of the printed dictionary

by Michael Rundell


The digital medium is the best platform for a dictionary. One of its advantages is that we can now provide all kinds of supplementary resources – like this blog. The blog covers a huge range of issues, from language change and words in the news, via innovations in language technology or unexpected shifts in grammar, to ideas for teaching English and guidance on common errors.


Best of all, the dictionary itself can spread its wings, liberated from the space constraints imposed by the old book format. With its thesaurus function, giving carefully-selected synonyms for every word and meaning, the dictionary provides access to a whole new dimension of language data. With features like audio pronunciations, sound effects, and interactive language games, the Web’s multimedia capabilities are made to work for the benefit of dictionary users.

But probably the biggest benefit of being online is that the dictionary is always up to date. …



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